1. Magnifik Series
    2. Magnifik Series Best-Premium design, materials. construction and consumables with rubber grips.
    1. Selekt Series
    2. Selekt Series Better - Superior design, materials, construction and consumables with long life microswitch.
    1. Klasik Series
    2. Klasik Series Good value - Solid and time tested design, materials and construction with good quality copper leaf spring trigger.
Our Welding Gun Range

Developing & Manufacturing Innovative High Performance Torches, Spares, Parts & Accessories

Automatic MAG / MIG Welding Guns, Semi-Automatic MIG / MAG Gun

Jinan North Welding Tools Company Ltd., established as a joint venture by American North Technology Incorporation, is a welding tool manufacturer based in China. We specialize in the production of various welding tools, including our wire feed welding gun, spool gun, push pull gun, light duty welding positioner, and welding rotator. We offer a wide variety of series of products to fill all of our customers’ needs. For example, our wire feed welding torch is available in the European series, Bernard series, Tweco series, Panasonic series, OTC series, self-shielding series, and gas valve series.